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Originally Posted by simonk View Post
Haha boo!

If you run short on space, dump the code at me, I will help you pack it. GCC 4.7.1 and newer also have 24-bit types. Keep everything in one file as much as possible (or static inlines only in include files), make all functions static, -Os, and inline asm the interrupts with reserved registers. Check out this for the interrupt/register allocation stuff: If you look at the assembly, you'll see that GCC still does some pretty dumb stuff (like random assignments to registers that never get used for no reason that never gets used), but it's getting better.
Hey, SimonK, between you and KaptainKurk, you guys can write it anyway you want and
most of us will enjoy using it! While you are re-writing, how about adding whatever you
have to add to make the KK2.0 a gimbal control?????

Also, how about the KK3??????? You know, the one with position hold, RTH,GPS and more??????
We'll be watching and waiting!!!!!!!!
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