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Originally Posted by RFDelie View Post

I will check the rotors.
I flew this morning and although it is less aggressive, the wobble persists.

I have double checked the flybar length and it is exactly in the middle. As well as the paddles. I did notice a small bend in the flybar almost undetectable, I have a new set of flybars arriving tomorrow so I will replace that.

The blades track perfectly
The blades are balanced
The shafts are not bent
The flybar is centered
When I spin up the head with no blades i do not detect a wobble and I have even held the helicopter and did not feel much vibration although I am not willing to perform the same test with e blades on.
Increasing throttle speed yielded same results.

New flybar and new main blades will be here tomorrow and I will switch them out and see what happens.

Thanks again for you help everyone!
How tight are your blades? Maybe they're not able to straighten themselves out on spool up, or maybe they're even too loose (but you say your tracking is good so maybe not loose).

Try flying with a flat throttle curve, something like 80% all the way up, this might help with the wind. Of course start the heli in norm, with a gradual/standard cuve, then when hovering or when the heli gets up to speed in normal, switch over to the flat throttle setting.

I don't know your experience level, so I'll also add be careful with idle up if you have never used it... it may make the heli jump a little when switched on depending on the difference in settings from normal to idle up. But be alert and you'll be ok and learn to adjust. You may know this all already but just in case.

"...small bend in the flybar almost undetectable..." if you can detect it, it's probably not the best flybar. A straight flybar is pretty critical to stable hover and flight.

The training gear shakes the most, and could cause vibrations to oscillate. Though probably not your main problem, and maybe dangerous for your machine but can you fly without the gear?

Also the main gear & tail gear aren't warped? Or is there a lot of slop or play by your main gears if you pull up on your head?
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