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@Terry - If no one's answered by time I get back from lunch I'll pop my box (see below) & see if I can help ya. If you've any experience with the two mat'ls, I'd think you could tell just from the 'heft' going by the size & wall of the tube, and that the CF should be a bit more rigid (especially with thinner walled tubes) than 'glas. Or you could, just rig up an impromptu range check.

@ Kostuk - Mine too! Was expecting it (per UPS's online tracking) today but they dropped it yesterday morning. Been so busy haven't even opened the box yet. Maybe I'm gettin' stale -- when my first ARF Bixler arrived I had the box open before the brown truck left the driveway. *LOL* I'll def have to get 'er done today tho to check for packing damage. The outer box is pristine so, don't think any harm done by the intervening gorillas twixt here & Bananaland. But, they can be touchy on claims so, not good to let it collect any dust before reporting, know'm sayin'?

I too would join 'Kos' to beg some experienced one to take time to post up a 'Setup Quik Guide' for the FMS '28. I've been so involved with so many other planes & their threads it'd take my re-reading the whole 270-some posts to refresh my feeble ol' memory. Not talking about higher improvements like glassing the winglets type projects, but rather to cover any user-discovered traps & pitfalls the Owner's Guide doesn't cover....that kinda stuff. Pretty Please??

@StudioRS - re the glassing. I'm leaning towards trying the 'New Stuff' laminating film to stiffen / slick up the wings & maybe tail a bit. But I'll prolly wind up just gettin' it together & try it 'raw' just to have something to fly, since when I maidened my new Corvalis Sunday, about 6 minutes into the flight & just tooling around about half throttle, suddenly lost power & had to deadstick it. All was good, I was ideally located on the downwind leg so no bumps or bruises, just a short walk. Things def went south when as I drew near I noticed the spinner was pointing that direction too. Long/short - the plastic part of its motor mount had melted & the motor's lead wires were all that kept it from falling off the plane! Logged it first thing Monday with Tower Hobby - no response as yet.....hope I don't have to start talkin' ugly about 'em!

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