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Hey all, I just picked up a um stryker on the weekend. It's slightly used but in pristine shape. The previous owner changed a few things on it. He put the a new connector and used 2 separate 300 cells with a Y connector. Looking at it I see that he put a G WS 4040 prop on it. I took it out this morning and found that it banked left and before I could get it trimmed I ended up landing fast but not too hard or so I thought. The left wing tip broke off. Attached it up take it out again put brake trim on it and it flies great when was picking up so I only flu for about 5 minutes but I can tell it's a great little plane.
Looking at it again after I got it flying straight I can see that I have full right trim on the ailerons and wIth this setting the right aileron on is much higher than the left one. I'm not sure if I should try to physically adjust anything or just leave it. I'm also wondering about your opinions on using the 4040 prop. What advantages other than higher speed would there be with this over the stock prop. Would it have more thrust making slow flight easier?
Can't wait to take it out again.
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