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Wow. I haven't checked-in for awhile. I see that things are going down the crapper again. I'd hate to be a newcomer trying to sort through the grade-school playground BS on here.

Finally getting around to rebuilding mine after augering it in at top speed during a full-collective, high-banked, FFF circuit while I was up north a few weeks back. I had mentioned that I'd try to shoot some video up there, but that was not to be, as I augered it in on the first evening!

A bunch of us were hanging out at my friend's new RC field. It was a bit late in the evening & the light wasn't the best - but I decided to fly anyway. I did some basic aerobatics & flew a few FFF circuits - each one faster than the last. The light was fading fast. But of course, I had to get in just one more flight - even though I had already lost the bird in the shadows a few times when flying below the treeline.

Famous last words: "Hey guys - watch this!"

I took her up for a balls-to-the-wall FFF circuit - despite the rapidly waning light. Everything was going just fine until I flew below the treeline again at the far end of my circuit. I lost the bird completely in the shadows while flying a full-bore circle at a 60-70 degree bank-angle. I quickly realized that the old tried & true fixed-wing method of following the ship through until it becomes visible again wasn't going to work on a heli during an aggressive, steeply-banked FFF turn. So I hit TH & bailed. The bird went in at high speed with a loud thunk!

The damage is surprisingly light, given the high speed & angle of arrival. Broke the ball on one tail grip & the driveline feels a bit gritty in spots when rotating it with the motor disengaged. The gears look fine, however. Might be a bent TT and/or tailshaft. Also broke the tail fin. Other than that, the bird seems to be fine. Didn't even bend the FS. Must have been doing somewhere between 30-40 MPH when it hit. Tough bird!

Time to break out the magnifier light & tear this puppy down!

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