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Have never built this model but I have built his F-16 and Su-37. My favorite was RC Powers original F-22 that I had bought the plans for back in 08 but for the life of me I can't find the file I had saved or the email. I just liked the somewhat full fuse look that was also fast to build. I'm doing a 70mm EDF conversion. Profile planes probably aren't the best for this but I wanted a tested airframe that would be easy to build and so I settled on this one. I'll be using the detrum 70mm combo from hobbypartz for this build. Due to the light weight of this plane, i'll probably start out on 3s and see how it flies. I know its rated at 42 oz of thrust with 4s , so that will be a bit overkill on a less than 20 oz airframe. Gonna try to do as few modifications as I can get away with to get the fan in there. I will most likely be doing a double stacked wing with spacers between the 2, and doing a cut out on the bottom wing to get the 70mm in there. Think that will look better than fattening up the bottom of the plane a good inch or so. This is gonna be my first scratch built edf which is also another reason I wanted a somewhat easy build in case I do everything wrong. I have another plane that would probably allow the 70mm to just drop right in , but I've put a lot of time into that plane (full fuse pak fa), and not sure I wanna risk it at this point. If anyone has done this conversion feel free to chime in. Not gonna post build pictures per-se, but I will post the modifications I do to fit the 70mm. I probably would be better off with like a 55mm or 64mm fan in a plane this size but I already had the 70mm ordered so I'm going with it.

Edit: Well plane is starting to take shape. Got the wing together and spar glued in. Now trying to decide on the best way to mount the edf. Having second thoughts on my double wing idea. May end up fattening out the bottom, not sure yet.
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