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Originally Posted by brokenenglish View Post
Gossie, I hope I'm wrong, but Piccolos are notoriously difficult to start...
I'm glad someone bought that up because I've heard and read about that for years.

This little Piccolo was first started by me in the late ' friend who I had bought it off never ran it.
I was run in as such in a Jnr. Mallard, that also came with it part built, that I finished. It's always started well without a problem. I use a 7 X 4 prop and 1/3 of each home mixed fuel.

Since 1962 it's been in an Aeromodeller 42in. span Luton Minor that flies like a Tomboy, and it's always just fuel it up, flick and fly in a couple of moments.
It even got 2nd place in our '77 and '92 Australian Nats. in scale.
A week ago I decided to refurbish the Luton and before I pulled the motor out I gave it a run in the garage/workshop.
It had been at least a couple of years since it ran but it fired on the second flick and ran on the third.
After about 30 seconds of running I guess when it was well warmed up it blew a shower of sparks out of the exhaust......I guess carbon being blown off......A self de-coke no doubt. It's a great little motor.

A couple of weeks ago one came up on eBay new in the box with the original tank and prop. and it went for $273? U.S. money.
There are two more on at the moment and the one also new in the box has a buy it now price of 300 Euros. I think they are in Germany?

Mine has no box or original prop. but it does have and uses the original tank in the Luton.
The head on mine is a little faded but recently I won an as new fresh looking head and a new crankcase off NZ eBay for it......I don't intend to pull the head to change it over as perhaps the liner may unscrew and upset the fits of the engine as it is.
It starts and goes too well to do, that to it.
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