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Originally Posted by Atomic Skull View Post
Trex 500 with Microbeast and analog Hitec HS-225MG's on cyclic: [Vid]
I'm not saying that analog doesn't work. If something fly well, it flies well - digital or not. I'm just say that all things considered, digital is preferable. It's not necessary, but it's preferable, especially now that the price difference isn't what it used to be.

Originally Posted by Atomic Skull View Post
One interesting thing about analog servos, they are less likely to strip in a crash than a digital because they don't hold position as strongly.
You mentioned digital being more likely to strip because of the holding torque. Yeah, that sounds a little more likely but I'd rather build a heli to fly better, not crash better.

Originally Posted by rcjim11 View Post
The hotrod version sounds awesome! Did you need a beefier motor to compensate for the extra weight and do the 306s fit in the slots without trimming also?
The TGY-306G's do fit the stock slots. That was in a Pro V2 though, where the servo bodies stick out from the frame. I'm not sure about other 450 models. They weigh 21g each but the length and width is the standard "9g servo" size. For three cyclic servos, the TGY-306G's will add 23g over the stock Align DS410M servos. I don't imagine that adding 23g to a 450 would require a beefier motor but I couldn't say honestly. It was a 4S setup so I was already running a lower KV motor.

For the "hotrod" 450 Pro V2 setup, I was also using a Savox SH-0262MG tail servo, Phoenix Ice Lite 50 ESC for the governor and programmable BEC voltage, Spektrum telemetry, DFC head, the new double pivot tail assembly (Align H45181), slant/helical main gears, miscellaneous CNC upgrades and two-piece skids. I just like those skids better for some reason. It seemed like a nice setup once I got the cyclic gain worked out on the gyro but I bought a Gaui X5 around the same time and flying the 450 just wasn't the same.
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