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Ok, I see that line with the 1300 in it now. Might as well use that then if those are the ESC's you have I guess. 1300 is really high though. If you can get away with using 1120 or something near there I would stay with that.

I'm surprised a DX8 won't let you get closer to 1000-2000 but it sounds like you adjusting the right thing to try and get it there. 1250-1750 should be good enough for flying though. Probably not enough to do the TX stick gyro calibration though (Left stick, lower left- Right stick, lower right) so make sure your quad is on a flat surface when plug it in and don't move it for a good 15 seconds. The gyros auto calibrate everytime you plug in the flight battery so thats why it needs to be on a flat surface and not touched.

Your correct on the P setting. Push "write" to send your changes to the actual quad. Push "read" to make sure your values actually got sent to the quad. When you push "read" these are the values that the quad is currently using. As for raising P up or down, it all depends on how your quad is acting. Default setting should be good for you to just take off without touching anything. If the quad oscillates quickly then P is too high. If the quad oscillates slowly then P is too low.

On your TX use 25 percent expo on Pitch, Roll an Yaw.

Make sure your TX is in Acro "Airplane" mode and not helicopter mode. If it wasn't in accro mode then you will need to do the TX and ESC calbrations again. Sorry, I forgot to mention that earlier.

Remove the ratchet from your TX throttle stick if it has one. Put plastic fuel tubing over the metal ratchet piece that is inside your TX or something so it still give some pressure to the stick without causing the jumpy ratchet action.
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