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Originally Posted by jevs View Post
I assume the module changes it to 2.4Ghz (ignorant on Futaba modules)? Thats the main thing I would consider aside from needing CCPM. Cost of modules is another consideration (I seem to remember Futaba modules being pricey..not sure now). A couple modules could equal a new radio.

There was a time long ago that I got an old futaba radio from my dad and I could not legally use it any more due to the frequency laws. It was a creme colored four channel box. The older radios are good quality compared to some of the junk today, I definatly agree. I got rid of my JR because it was not 2.4GHz. Other than that, it would be just as good or better than the DX6i (definatly better made and ergonomics).
Yes, the actual RF deck is in the module, so it's just a matter of plugging in the appropriate module & antenna. I started flying module-based rigs back in the early 90s because I'm a ham operator, and I wanted the option of flying on the 6 meter ham band. (No waiting for a channel, longer range, and much less interference.) With module-based rigs, that is simple to do. So, I stuck with the module concept when I bought the 8UAF. When the Spektrum BNF stuff started showing up, I was really glad that I did! All I had to do was buy a $110 module & I was all set. It even came with a $70 Spektrum AR7000 + remote rx! And my old mid-90s 8UAF has many features that weren't even available on a number of the other manufacturers' flagship rigs. So, when I was looking for a new primary rig about 5 years ago, I bought a Futaba 10CHP - which is also module-based.

Regarding Futaba FASST module prices - they're much less costly than buying another high-quality, full-featured transmitter. The 10C comes with a synthesized 72 MHz PCM module & synthesized PCM rx. The FASST module is $180. As I mentioned, Spektrum's DSM2 Futaba module is only $110, and it now comes with a $90 AR7010 DSMX rx + remote rx! So you get the module for only $20. There are a number of lower-cost modules available that fit Futaba module-based rigs. Assan, Corona, and FrSky make lower-cost 2.4 GHz modules & receivers (some with telemetry). Xtreme Link makes a very robust, 5-mile range module + rx. There is even a long-range UHF module + rx available for FPV that has a range of 12-36 miles. (It is not legal in the US, however.)

Hence, why I stick with module-based transmitters.

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