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Your review

Originally Posted by adza View Post
Hi AJ,

I'm a complete novice - this is my first plane. Prior to I didn't even make models. I chose the ARF because just gluing the pieces together was nerve wracking enough for me. I didn't want to stuff anything up. :-)

However - now after owning one, and if I had a little bit more experience and could trust myself (like you obviously can) - I would go with the Kit over the ARF.

There are a couple of things that concern me about the ARF that could be fixed if you have the kit:

Firstly, I don't like the motor. (Well - to be more precise, I don't like the wire connected to the motor). I found that it's pretty thin and breaks quite easily. It's also too short (by about 20mm or more) for my liking. It's difficult to work with.

Secondly, I don't like the screw casing that is in the fuselage (where the screws go in). It restricts the room you have in there, and from what I can tell there are much better ways to secure the wings on than this method. As the body is already pre-glued, you have to pull the glue apart to get it out.

If it wasn't for these two issues, I'd have no worries suggesting the ARF, but considering you seem to have a bit of knowledge about model building - my suggestion would be the Kit form re the reasons above.

Thank You. Great review. I will get the KIT based on your recommendation. Oh, BTW, just because I have a lot of posts does not mean that I am smarter than anyone else. In fact, everyone here knows more about the Bixler 2 than I do because I don't have one yet. Still, though, thanks again. I am going to go look for a video in this thread.
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