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450 Wobble Problem


I have built my first CP helicopter it is a EXI TREX 450 Sport Clone, it was configured and flying great. I had ran about 4 batteries through it when one of the screws backed out of the feathering shaft (despite thread locker) and I lost the blades midflight. Luckily I was about 6 inches off of the ground when it happened so the heli just came down on the grass.

After I got everything rebuilt I had a problem with the helicopter spinning counter clockwise (opposite of the rotor), I fixed that by ajusting the servo location on the tail boom to add a little bit of pitch to the blades. After that was solved I started getting a wobble when I approached 1/2 throttle.

Further investigation revealed that the blade pitch is off on one blade at midstick. BUT they are dead on at low stick. It does not make any sense to me how this could be. So I ajusted the blades to match at midstick and now the heli tries to roll over as soon as it takes off.

I am affraid I am now a little over my head. Any help would be appreciated.
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