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Batteries concerns..

OK, my first quad built made me to face some real problem with the batteries!!!... Till now with all my electric planes never had problem in power or time...

I have 4 Zippy Flightmax 2650 3S1P 40C which people here believe they are damaged as they cannot drive my quad for more than 3 minutes before drop under 11Volts...

So today i took some interesting measurements... All these four at high throttle they can go down to 9,86V producing near 36-38Amps (tried for limited time...) which means about 20C and not 40C as advertised...

Another one (Zippy), 2200 3S 45C gives 51.5Amps keeping 11.45V and giving times about 8 minutes at hover which is normal...

The first four are about 1 year old, flew about 3-5 times at 16.6A(max) in series(6S 22.2V) on my ICON A5 and then kept them in storage mode...Never charged more than 4.20V per cell, never charged more than 1C, never underdischarged, never got hot, maybe just a bit warm, and of course they are not swollen.. And my charger performs very well and keep fresh some Hyperion ones for more than two years now!

Now i would like to have some opinions/measures from yours.. (anyone tested Zippy at mentioned 'C' levels?) and suppose that you have a battery with uknown C rate... WHICH would be the SAFE voltage per cell to test the Amperage it can gives, of course under load?

Thanks in advance!!! Wish nice and safe flights to all!
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