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i do!

so just incase hobbyking remove my comment as per usual i will post it here

doubt they will bother to fix the backend up to look nice as it was suggested to them to do so back in july?? search for a thread on rcg by dtm360 called "A Beautiful TriCoptor"


"if i really have to find something that i would like to see to improve design is that i also agree with the need for a rear motor canopy that rotates with the motor."

"and as other stated.. it needs something on the rear"

"Also the fuselage just stopping flat at the back is kinda weird. It just needs somthing to finish off the tail"

i like this quote from dtm360 the best!

"One thing we learnt today is that you cannot trust no brand 9g servos, even if they do have metal teeth! There was a massive amount of play from the servo (even from new) that the yaw motor almost self destructed itself vibrating like hell! The play certainly had a fairly large effect, but I'm not sure if the FC contributed also."

"I had a discussion with the designer on the rear motor cover. It would be easy to do, but the current design inspiration for the rear are the 1950-60 F1 cars with the exposed mechanical engines in the back."

"OK, heres the video link.... You can see the rudder servo going spastic when I first try to take off, I had to throttle back and start again. Anyway, does anyone know the issue with this?? I'm assuming it is the massive play the servo gear? Frightens the hell out of me when it goes like that in midflight because the Tri goes a little crazy at the same time"

dtm360 aka hobbyking? scared the**** out of me too mate

"However, today tried to push the envelope of flight and found a rather disturbing trait, which may be the FC or the Tri. When pushed for fast forward flight (I mean 30-45 deg attitude at full power!) The Tri could not hold the Yaw, it drifted to the right quite badly, doing a straight forward pass was quite difficult.. almost impossible. Also found that the rudder right was a lot more in command than rudder left!? It was almost like the rear servo did not have enough torque to hold it's position. This only happen when really pushing the power, switching off the auto-stability. It was during this time when vibration from the rear motor occurred again! But it was a lot less than before and only briefly during flight."

"The current Y4 prototype is the latter version! It is significantly stiffer than the FG."

"One more thing, the designer showed me some CAD drawings of a Y6. Has listened to pretty much all feedback, fully faired motors all round, removable wing, even more massive fuselage, easy conversion to Y4.... only one major difference.... the theme is not 'beautiful'. I can only find one word to describe it ..... ALIEN!! But seriously seriously awesome!!"

so y6 with fixed back end and fixed y4 any day now hobbyking?

A Beautiful TriCoptor Maiden on a windy day! (4 min 43 sec)

i have since read dtm360 does not work for hobbyking in any way?

the comment as posted on hobbyking today

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