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Will try to contact Paul, his service is very good indeed!
But I've also ordered something new to try

Had the strangest thing happening yesterday. I installed the FFIMUv.0.4.1 on my quad (which was running v0.3.5) saturday as I had that sensor available now from the other Flyduino MEGA unit. Was in a hurry so upped the P's with 1 for most settings, without testing.

Next day, start flying (bit windy) and quad was jittering/vibrating under too high P, but quite flyable. Ran through 2 LiPo's (3S and 4S 3000mAh) all fine. Day was coming to an end, decide to fly 4S 4000 on wide-open field. Fooling around with auto-level recovery from sharp turns/banks. Altitude was bit higher than normal to have room for recovery.

Suddenly, with only minor stick input, it shoots to the skies! Throttle changes didn't do anything, except 0 (no disarm) got it to descend. Close to ground I gave a little bit of throttle and BAM, shoots up again. Without any control over other axis. Switched on autolevel so it would land flat when killing throttle. Didn't come down at all, even at 0 throttle. Turn off autolevel and one side drops like a brick. Another recovery on throttle caused it to full throttle up again, eventually I managed to get a somewhat controlled crashlanding.

Walked out to the unit, armed it to see if all was spinning and it rockets upwards again (nice and flat though)! Spun around frame-axis couple of time when killing throttle (I didn't feel anything like Warthox :P). Burying itself into the mud with one arm/motor eventually.

What could have caused this?
Prop failure wouldn't let it rise 'stable'?
Motor failure wouldn't let it shoot up straight?
ESC failure would have cause dropping like a brick instead of shooting up?
Sensor-overload seems unlikely as it flew much more challenging stuff earlier?
RX failure seems unlikely, because it did respond to switch and throttle inputs.
TX failure/interference? Last one seems unlikely as there wasn't anything on 2.4Ghz for at least 500m all around.
FC/software failure not to sure about?

Sadly the onboard video from that flight got corrupted as SD card came loose in crash.
Would like to hear your thoughts!
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