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My PW 1200 flew okay built as designed, but didn't fly well at all with a bunch of FPV gear on board. So it went to the "to-be-destroyed" bin. Actually, that should be called the "to-be-experimented-on" bin. Soooo... in an effort to see if I could get it to happily carry more weight, I added a KFm2 airfoil to the wing, I then filled in and fixed the elevons to make them part of the wing and added additional 2" control surfaces on the back of that to increase the overall wing area. Finally, I replaced the small vertical stabs with larger ones made from coroplast. I loaded it up with a 3000 mah flight battery and an additional 1500 mah battery to simulate the weight of my FPV gear. To my surprise, it flew very well. Not a speed demon, but a high lift wing designed to loiter and do some relaxing fpv sight seeing. I was also flying the stock 53 gram 1250kv motor with a 9x5 GWS prop so it should be pretty effecient. Cruised around on 1/2 throttle. Here are some photos.
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