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Originally Posted by porcia83 View Post
excellent, thanks again.

Flew again today, in pretty windy conditions. I continue to be disappointed in the performance. Mine also wanted to dive all the time, even moving the battery pretty far back towards the motor. Fixed my flaps and slowed them down once triggered..I love flaps. Over 30 minutes on a 2200 battery, it was that windy.

It dives when you put the power to it but level flight with less or no power? If that's the case you need to move the battery forward and re-trim the elevator. You'll have to put a bunch more up trim into the plane. Then when you punch the throttle -- the plane elevator will have more authority (more up) and you'll not see the dive -- or less of it.

It's counter-intuitive -- but give it a try and see if that doesn't make a difference.
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