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If I read that trimming chart correctly, it is saying the same thing as Jim. I've never seen that before, and I struggle to understand how it would work - maybe it does?

There are certainly sites that say the opposite:

"The way I do this is to establish the model in a true vertical climb, of course by now your model will hold that vertical line with no correction! Now perform a half roll. You will probably find that the model has yawed off line. Use the rudder to correct the yaw back to the vertical. Which way did you move the rudder? If you moved it in the same direction as you rolled, then more differential is required i.e. more travel on the up going aileron. If you moved it the opposite way then less is required. So if you roll to the right and correct with right rudder then increase differential, roll to the right and correct with left rudder, less differential. You will probably find that a few adjustments are necessary before you find the correct setting. Again please note that a computer radio makes this task a simple one. If you don't have that luxury, to do this by altering your control linkage geometry will be time consuming."

Chasing aileron differential seems like a mugs game in any case. It will depend on the airplane speed, and load factor (different result on a 45 degree up line than vertical or level). And differential can effect pitch trim with aileron commands. "Triangulation Trimming" doesn't even mention it as far as I can see:


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