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Originally Posted by Exploding Fist View Post
These don't look 100% waterproof, but water resistant. The motor screw mounts don't seem to have any kind of seal like an o-ring. I'd imagine if you held it under the water some water would get in, but hopefully someone who buys one can do some real tests.
I do suggest using silicone in the screw holes. This will prevent any water from entering.

Originally Posted by Jmm_jammy View Post
AquaCopters, have you guys performed any kind of endurance tests on these yet? i.e having the quad fully submerged for a whole flight ( incase someone flew one out too far, flipped it upside down in the water and had to go get a paddle boat to retrieve it..)
And to answer most our questions is there a particular motor you have done research with that would take on water requiring little or no maintenance?
It would be difficult to submerge the quad because it does float. As far as flipping it upside down, there are no problems, just turn it back over. With the motors as with most other equipment they do take care. If you constantly fly in the water and do nothing, something will eventually wear out. However if you take care of the motors (check bearings, lube to displace the water, etc.), they will last quite some time. You can search outrunner motors under water and similar to find plenty of discussions on the effect (or lack of). We are in the process of creating other videos and demos with the questions that everyone brings up. But we can hold the frame underwater when sealed and no bubbles come up.

We did not make a submarine and therefore not trying to claim that it swims underwater or anything stupid like that. The overall purpose here is to provide a quad that can handle falling/crashing into the water, float on top, and protect the electronics inside. Anything else people want to do with it outside that envelope is fine by us, but it may not be suitable
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