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First, You have to determine if your Osiris needs any aileron differential. I usually do the test on a 45 degree upline, going straight away from me. Try for a calm day, so that wind isn't a factor. Start by rolling the plane, Either to the left or to the right, Make sure that your aren't feeding in elevator, you just want to use ailerons. If you are rolling to the right and the plane pulls (yaws) to the right , You need to reduce the down throw. (Not enough differential)

If the plane rolls (yaws) opposite of the direction of the roll, You need to increase the down throw. (too much differential) If the plane stays on the same heading and neither pulls (yaws) to the right or left, You don't need any differential.

I don't know what radio that you are using, But most of the computer radio's have a differential mix that you can use. Off hand, I can't remember what % of differential I have in my 47" Osiris. I think that its around 6%.

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