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Update 10/20/12

Builder has finished framing, plumbing, and electrical (sort of). Roof is finally completed too.

First problem I had to deal with is electrical. The good news is that both dedicated 20A circuits I ordered were in the right locations. Bad news...the idiot electrician ran every other outlet in the garage to the same breaker! 15 outlets on one breaker. Stupido. They even added a sub-panel next to the main box in the garage and what did they do? They tied everything in the garage to the MAIN box and only ran interior house lights into the sub-panel. I'm the one who recommended the sub-panel so they could use it for my WORKSHOP!

I had a talk with my salesman (another idiot) before I left and told him I wanted my workshop outlets tied into one 15A breaker and the rest of the outlets in the garage into something else. What I don't want is the garage door opener to start up and put a surge on all my electronics in the workshop. Man...if I wasn't at this house every day checking on things, the roof would be inside out.


They also screwed up my request for the insulation in the workshop. Our house is an "Energy Star" home that uses foam spray insulation in the attic and exterior walls. I told them I wanted it for my workshop. They said their records showed only "regular insulation" for the garage. BS.

...again, sigh...

I sat down with my iPad this evening and a pad of paper. Did searches on workbenches and drew up some sketches. Nothing to show for right now but I've got a rough idea how it'll go. I may scrap the wheels and opt to move the table "when necessary" with those furniture moving discs. When I have something closer to my final plan, I'll post an image.

Pics from today.
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