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Originally Posted by AusBryan View Post
After seeing videos and looking at different sites on quadcopters I wish to get into buying one. The dilemma for me is that there are so many different units/models out there. What I would like to do is buy one that has GPS, return to home hover at set co-ordinate etc and be able to carry 400-500g camera, whether that be a GoPro or a Camcorder.
I would also like to be able to see what the camera is seeing while I fly it? My price range is $1000 Australian. So I am asking all the experts and experienced people to help me narrow it down, or point me in the right direction.
All information and advice would be great appreciated.
I think you might be asking a bit much for AU$1K. If you already have things such as Lipos, charger, transmitter and other modelling supplies then you could just about do it with something like a dji F550 with Naza controller with GPS, but if you're brand new to copters then it's a recipe for disaster.

You need flying skills to get the copter tuned, so even if it has GPS, you can't rely on the copter to fly itself. You really have to get the flying skills first and then step up to a system with more features. It's much better to start with a basic copter that you can have your crashes with (and you will crash lots) while you build up your flying skills.
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