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How much cancer education do people need these days, especially when there's already an American Cancer Society ?.

I mean it's nice that there's another charity out there about it, but people have been saying that Livestrong is just a creation be Lance to uphold his image against the doping detractors. If that's true then it's working, Livestrongs donations actually went UP after they came out with the latest reports against him. His supporters now are saying that while he may have doped, everyone else did too, and since he started a cancer charity that still makes him a good guy in their eyes. Those people don't know enough about the real Lance and how he used threats, lawsuits, witness intimidation, and outright lies to keep his doping activities hidden.

I read a report that this whole thing is way bigger than anybody thinks. His doping doctor Dr Ferrari had Swiss bank accounts set up to hide the money from the riders, they had lawyers to protect them against doping allegations and positive test, sponsors were paying off cycling officials to look the other way for positive tests, Lance was giving money to cycling officials in charge of doping which should be a conflict of interest. Dr Ferrari was the #1 doctor in the world for doping. If Lance was Mr Clean like he said he was why would he be using Ferrari as his coach ?. That's like the Pope having Hitler on his staff.

This thing is so big now that not even a public admission by Lance could save his reputation, and he knows it, that's why he publicly came out and said he's through fighting the doping charges against him.

People have said now that his lies over the years are coming out he'll finally have to eat Crow, but that won't happen because Sheryl left him years ago.
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