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The cotswold midget mustang

Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
Back in the late 80's I was involved in not only Club 20, but also Formula 40. In fact I am proud to know that I helped teach a guy to fly RC who not long after went to Reno with UK team and was a runner up in F40 Pylon Comp there.

Anyway ... my F40 machine was a Cotswold Midget Mustang kit, (UK) ... GRP fuselage, veneered foam wings, balsa sheet tail parts.

As I understand it - the model ceased production - shame as it was not only a good F40 machine but could be set-up as a good sport machine. It was available in two wing formats .. full thin symmetrical for racing and thicker semi symet for sport.

Has anyone any clue or info as to where such a model may be hiding now ? I would love to have one again ....

The Cotswold Midget Mustang was produced by Sid King. Who i believe is still about. He made the foam wings for my Sport 40 model i was making at the time. 1999. My brother had sid's club 20 racer and i think that was called "The Alley Cat" quite some time ago now..He may still have a midget mustang kit still about.

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