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Originally Posted by iflyhelis View Post
Movie theaters use wireless routers for there point of sale system and microwave ovens to warm up that slice of pizza. I also found out that food super markets use wireless routers to send the weighing scales info to the point of sale system.

I go to my local Stop & Shop with my cellphone & even that gets disconnected in a phone call or interference with static. This store uses 2.4 Ghz. wireless routers for people to use their cellphones to scan each bought item with the camera & the stores app.

When 2.4 first came out for modelers, I was sceptical due to all the possible interference that could be close by.

I know for a fact that when my Wife fires up the microwave & I am on my computer network of 3 computers, I get totally disconnected from the Internet. Even my hardwired RG45 Ethernet connection gets disconnected. The only way I can prevent it, is to turn off my routers wireless TX.

BTW how close is that airport? They probably have a 2.4 wireless router in their coffee shop for their patrons free WiFi. I use to use a free WiFi when I was on vacation in Newport,RI that was over 2 miles from me & got a good signal out of it.
Oh funny, you know that the effective range of most 2.4 ghz routers is only about 300 feet right? I'm no where near 300 feet to anything out there. Besides that, it's funny what you said about the microwave. Because in my studio i have a micro fridge and a microwave sitting on top, and the wireless router is on top of that. I've never noticed a Internet outage after heating up a hot pocket. But i don't eat food out of a microwave anymore. So it's been a while since that's been used though. I'm pretty sure if any of these devices were a worry with these RX, all these guys flying in their back yard would be screwed!

Originally Posted by iflyhelis View Post
I plugged in the field you fly at now into my GPS mapping software & found that you are 6/10 of a mile from the Skyjackers Restaurant/8/10 of a mile from the Hilton Restaurant/1.0 miles from the hospital which most likely runs 2.4

The second set of numbers for your AMA field show that you are 2.5 miles from the airport, which should not be able to interfere with your signal, but you will be restricted to no higher than 500 feet. 3 miles is the minimum.

But it is probably just bad RX's causing your problems.
Just FYI, DkFuji, a veteran and trusted rcgroups member. Has confirmed he has had the same "lock out" issue occur on his v450 and v500 and so has his brother. On top of that Kdean is also having the exact same issue in another thread, or so i've heard. Add this all together and throw in all the guys here having NO issue, plus me having one of 3 2702Vs with NO issue. I feel it's safe to say the 2702V has a fairly common, random, but as of yet, not completely confirmed and decried publicly.

In any case, wow contacted me and will replace the new RX i just bought with a V500 2702V which is the updated version from wow. Dkfuji in the other thread suggested i get this one instead if they will replace it. But wow told me they would rather send me that one because they were told it works better, probably by DkFuji, who has done a lot of testing for them. So that will work out for now. They won't do anything about the old one, of course, we all knew that. Because they have no record of me buying it from them. Of course that is because someone else got stuck with it and couldn't get it replaced/fixed by them and sold it to me. But that's okay, i'll just move on. X5 here i come.

And BTW, the FAA has us ALL, anywhere near the airport restricted to 200 foot ceiling. This will especially be true at the RC airfield, where their website has it stated and i have been told by others here as well. I see planes come by my field at the movies all the time around 150-200 foot circling. So, i doubt the police will come and grab me for going over the ceiling. But i really should have a spotter out there with me. But i'm pretty good about keeping the low ceiling. Thats why i can invert to the ground and back already. I had to duck planes enough times
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