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Originally Posted by Jonathan Bradbury View Post
I'm just wondering about the standard tyre Vs the Badlands.

I've held off ordering a pair as they look too grippy on the side profile. The quickest way for me around the track around the switchbacks is to fly in there with full brake, lean it over as I slow and get the back end to slide to turn quicker. Also, on the larger hairpin loops, giving it full throttle and turning round the large loops speedway style helps me to keep up the gyro speed.

How have you found the performance of the bike with the Badlands?
That sounds like most of my turning (off road at least), go in flat out, brake, slide and power out balancing throttle and steering to give the required exit (mostly ).

The side lugs on the Badlands allow for this, they're not that substantial and soon wear/break off anyhow, I've used them on all surfaces including wet and dry grass and have found them very predictable. They wear better than standard ones too. Give them a go I'd say.

They still look to have the best profile of the 1/8th buggy tyres I've looked at, and so most likely will be my next tyres again.
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