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I plugged in the field you fly at now into my GPS mapping software & found that you are 6/10 of a mile from the Skyjackers Restaurant/8/10 of a mile from the Hilton Restaurant/1.0 miles from the hospital which most likely runs 2.4

The second set of numbers for your AMA field show that you are 2.5 miles from the airport, which should not be able to interfere with your signal, but you will be restricted to no higher than 500 feet. 3 miles is the minimum.

But it is probably just bad RX's causing your problems.

Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
Well there is an airport about 1000-2000 feet away. Then about 2.5 miles from my house there is a cellular tower loaded with all kinds of goodies. I always laugh when i drive by because it seems like no one else notices how all the trees around the tower are sickly or dead. I'm sure it's perfectly safe to live by that thing and NOT get cancer right? Anyway, there really isn't much in that spot. The bottom of the RX had scratches on it, it was dirty and i suspect they know all about this random issue. I just don't understand how it can strap down test and even hover in my driveway and not have an issue. Then just all of a sudden at the field where the other RX had been flying fine for a few weeks suddenly the heli backs out with this new one i just received being the only change in that time. It's just too much. Even the last RX, the working one i bought on ebay didn't have scratches on the RX. Even the little white sticker was all worn off and torn up.

Plug these numbers into google maps and turn on the satellite view. It's pretty damn empty out there.


When i get an X5 or whatever i'll register with the AMA and go here instead: 29.459292,-81.170833 Though they are all fixed wing mostly. So we'll see how long that works out.
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