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Originally Posted by jdreitman View Post
I disagree with you. I'm based in Australia and I've been one of the first people to start using the ys-x6 system from Zero.

I was previously using a DJI WKM and I can say with 100% confidence, the YS-X6 system is much more accurate, and much more robust.

You're right however in the fact that it doesn't have nearly the documentation it needs. This is all new technology here, and we're all on the forefront of it all. There are going to be bugs and there will be missing documentation. It's just the name of the game. If you want a system that works right out of the box with excellent English documentation, go get yourself an AR Drone.
Im Australian as well but I live in Asia. You are very wrong mate. They promote this as an out of box plug in and ready to go system. Not a DIY or opensource project. With the way-points etc it expense kit so we should not have to be drawling for days on this forum to get it to work. I have 4 other multirotor copters with openpilot and APM and these are much easier to setup. I bought this system for mate who is not to technical and thought it would be easier for him to manage. But it is actual worse. Dont give me that we are on the cutting edge excuses because writing out a decent user manual is not cutting edge. Its a MINIMUM requirement at least for a high cost item. Just go back over this forum and look at the many difficulties people have to get it to work. Its not easy at all.
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