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I have a C/? termination question. I have set my C/? termination to C/3 I blieve so that the charge stops as fast as possible. But this only gets me to around 4.07 volts instead of 4.1 volts.

I was wondering if I can set my voltage to around 4.13 volts and keep the C/3 setting so that it will stop the charge process sooner and this should give me roughly around the 4.10 volts I want.

Is there any harm in doing this? I don't really care if my voltage is 4.09 or 4.11 volts, I just want it to charge as quickly as possible to around 4.1 volts and then stop.

Another question is there anyway to set the C/? termination on the charger itself, or do you need to use the software? I see no option to change it on the charger itself.

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