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Originally Posted by OldOz View Post
Solarcow -
Was talking of your project to LHS, and he suggested you look into multicopters as a platform. Apparently, this is where the future of FPV is going to be (according to him, anyway). I still have deep reservations about trying to actually pilot an F45 through a PC interface - if that is your ultimate plan?

Edit: the problems I see are 1) the 'bouncing' we've spoken of, and 2) if you're piloting at range - through a PC screen - and lose transmission for any reason, it could be very difficult to quickly relocate the heli visually (unless you're using a spotter). And if you're not piloting through the FPV, would seem no advantage over a highres camera.
I was planning to pilot it not beyond visual range, use the PC as a screen while still piloting with the radio. Im getting doubts about using the F45 too, the parts available here aren't the lightweight ones. Could your friend recommend a beginner quad? (One from a chinese brand like mjx would be great).

A quick search through online sellers gave me the impression that the only quads used for fpv are the really big ones. I don't think there is a quad roughly the size of an F45 used for fpv (except the parrot drone thing). Would 4 propellers mean it can carry more weight? The price of the fpv quads are equivalent to the 450 class helis or more, so I could step up to that once I've invested more into the hobby; but it doesn't seem suitable for a beginner.
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