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This probably (okay it does) falls under the category of "I shouldn't have to include this in the instructions, it's common sense" but you might want to add that people put the top plate on plane before cutting and make some kind of mark to make sure you don't cut too far forward.

I just put the straight edge on and extended a disposable box knife out so that I had a long blade, and I started cutting from the cockpit forward. I guess I figured if the line was perfectly level as I cut forward, I would come out where I was suppose to. You can guess what happened

Now I feel epically stupid for this, and I wish I would have mocked the plate up first, marked a front maximum line and then used a straight edge to cut towards the Fuze. It might save 1 person in 10 from making a mistake if you included that.... IT should be common sense I know.

Luckily I was able to use piece of the original cockpit cover and cut out a piece that will epoxy in place perfect, and since I am using some of that reinforced packing tape in key places it won't be noticeable. Ive seen other people using that same tape on the wings and well, everywhere.
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