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On closer inspection, I'm not aware of any 1300 MINTHROTTLE setting. 1300 is closer to half throttle than a min throttle. The only min throttles I see are...
#define MINTHROTTLE 1120 // for Super Simple ESCs 10A
//#define MINTHROTTLE 1190

Since you have changed the code. I would grab the code off this thread again and reload it to make sure you are working with a clean copy.

Originally Posted by tom-tom 1 View Post
...the roll and pitch would only go from about 1170 to 1750.
What TX/RX are you using? Looks like it might be spektrum in which case you should be able to get roll and pitch near 1000-2000 with no problem, especially since you were able to do it with the throttle channel.

Originally Posted by tom-tom 1 View Post
...When I armed the motors they would run way more than just idle speed, maybe half throttle, so none of the motors would stop when I moved the frame around. Each one would stop as I moved the frame around when the min throttle was set to 900, but I can see why this would be a problem while flying...
I would try to find why you can't get the roll and pitch TX calibration closer to 1000-2000. If you can't, then get them even at about 1250-1500-1750

After you get the TX calibration sorted out, test your RX fail safe by removing the props, arming your quad, then shutting off the TX to see how the quad behaves. The motors should shut off hopefully. If not then just be aware of how the quad can behave if you loose power to the RX or a signal lock out.

After that, put a plastic cup over the electronics to protect them in case your quad flips over.

After that you need to put the props on, grab the quad very firmly from the top and start it up. Shake the quad around and adjust the P settings in the configurator until it feels like it's trying to correct your hand movements without being sluggish or too aggressive.

Then your done and become the coolest kit on the block with your new quad toy
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