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What could possibly go wrong?
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Haha. Easy to control in all regimes would be a worthwhile goal.
To do that we need a design that counters the rearward shift of the AC IGE.
Here's a thought... I've been fiddling about with this little gyro. Single channel, you put it between the Rx and the servo. I've had some good results using it in the aileron channel for high alpha and hovering. As you probably know, if you were to put it in the elevator channel, it would automatically correct for any changes in pitch except for those sent by the pilot.

As you might remember, I got fed up with WIG experiments after these efforts:
Flightship variations (1 min 41 sec)

As soon as leaving GE, the Flightship pitched up uncontrollably, unless the CoG was so far forward that, in GE, she wouldn't get her nose off the ground. If I moved the CoG back enough so that she could get her nose off the ground, she quickly reached the speed where she would leave GE.

The gyro would allow you to move the CoG back to a point where you can fly in GE and, hopefully, still maintain pitch control out of GE. A bit like a pellican, you would have an on-board computer. Don't forget to move the "centre of lateral area" back by increasing the fin size.

How does that sound? Cheating you might say, but they probably told the Wright brothers that when they invented a system for roll-control.

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