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Originally Posted by Neko View Post
Arrgh. Just finishing the pull-pull cables and I notice that the cross pieces of the rear three formers are broken. It looks like the fuse was crushed laterally during shipping. And 3DHD is closed until Monday. I should have inspected the innards more carefully. There's nothing visible on the outside.

If I could get hold of the three formers, I could cut them down and glue them to the face of the broken ones. Or, worst case I could fashion some cross pieces out or ply and fit them by trial and error. Painful.

One thing about the pull-pull arrangement (haven't done one of those before): the wires rub on the rear-most former just as they enter the fuse. That doesn't wear a groove eventually and make the wires go slack? I guess that's being optimistic about the life of the airplane...
Sorry to hear about the fuse. not an easy way to fix for that.

make sure to check other locations about the rear fuse for split balsa or loose joints. You can push the side of the fuse a little force to check if there is any hidden cracks.

Mine got almost an ounce of thin CA from the beginning (carbon strips were not glued well on many locations, one broken bulkhead etc).
I've had a few different planes like that. most of the times, I used a 12, 24, 36 or 48" 1/4" balsa stick to get a cross overlay pieces on the broken area. I can fix the first two front bulkheads by having my hand in from the front and bottom of the fuse. If you can't put your hand in, use the balsa stick.

I usually make the cross overlay piece to be full width. to get best possible support, so that the bulkhead works right.

Using the long stick to have it in on one end of the bulkhead (tack glue the piece to the stick). get the stick out and push the other side.

It takes a while to do it, but it is definitely doable. Do the furthest one first.

use an antenna tube or something similar to get glue on exact spot if you don't want to smell the stink of the CA.

Pull-Pull cable will not cause any problem as long as you have a few turns left on the clevis to tighten up the cable tension.
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