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This project would be a very viable option for someone that has a tired 150 that needs a cylinder/piston/valve replacement.

The difference in cost would be minimal for the cylinder/piston/wrist pin/rod/ring/valves. The 150 rear cover could have the depth reduced by .045" if machine shop capabilities were "in house".

The price of a new 180 rear cover was less than the cost of outsourcing milling the cover down. ($10.40)

Component cost..150/180/difference

Wrist Pin...$7.75/$5.95/-$1.80
Savings= $4.64

The rest of the valve train is interchangable.

These components would not normally be replaced in a top end overhaul.

Back cover...$10.40

Added cost...$90.36

My machiune shop bill for case work not done by hand...$30.00
Cylinder base spacer from C&H..$6.50

Total added cost over a standard 150 top end rebuild...$126.86

Total cost....$346.75 ($113 less than a new FA180, $233 less than a new FA220)

I have both a 180 carburetor/manifold as well as the 150 counterpart. I'll do my initial tests W/the 180 components to get a comparison for the added HP. (if any) I'll then swap the 150 carb/manifold for the 180 & see if there is a significant drop in performance.

After glow ignition tests & will convert to C&H EI & test for added performance. I expect to see the biggest gains W/EI as it will allow me to tailor the ignition advance to maximize HP. GI won't be as versatile in that respect.

I want to also test 40% Nitro R/C car fuel W/the spark ignition for short burst power to be used intermitantly during aerobatics. The engine is slated for my Hanger-9 25% CAP 232. I would not surprise me to see close to 3 1/2 HP on the high nitro fuel. My GI FA180 made 2.91 HP on 15% Cool Power & I expect a boost W/the standard CR 180 to about 3.2HP when converted to EI. The high comprssion version should get se a HP gain from that even on 15% fuel. W/40% nitro it should be a real stump puller albeit only for short intervals.

I will also (eventually) instal my extra FA300TTDP crankcase pump check valves so the fuel tank can be mounted over the CG W/O fuel delivery problems. I am waiting for information on the proper thread for the check valves so I can drill/tap the cam housing for the outlet check before I can start final assembly.

Stay tuned.
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