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Originally Posted by crucial View Post
To an extent yes. Think of it like a system of water pipes. You have a constant pressure of water in the system with a shut off valve at the end feeding the motor. The valve is either full open or full closed, no in between settings.

At wide open throttle the valve is open and flowing constant. If you wanted less water you would have to open and close the valve quickly to regulate the amount of water coming out. Even though you are opening and closing the valve and making less water come out the water that is coming out is still under the full pressure.

With an ESC it works in a similar way. When you push the throttle up part way the ESC provides power to the motor. It does this by cycling the power to the motor very quickly. The on off pulses are the full amount of amps that the motor is capable of drawing. You only see a lower number because what you are reading is the amount of amps drawn from the battery.


well said Crucial
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