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Originally Posted by Trill View Post
I have the 51", 59", and 71" Slicks. My 48" Super Vyper is scheduled for delivery today from UPS.

The 59" Slick flies more precisely than the 51" Slick. With only ten flights on my 59, I don't have her trimmed and dialed in to the 95% to 100% level yet. Because I am looking for a fully capable 3D machine that is precise, I am happy with the 59" Slick.

But I am looking for a 3D monster that is pattern precise. So, I ordered the 48" Super Vyper. I think I will have a local builder who has a reputation for 100% accuracy assemble/build/construct my SV.

On the last airframe he put together for me he was taking longer than usual to finish the assembly. When I telephoned him to ask about the delay, he explained that the stab was 1mm off from the factory and it was taking some time to rectify the problems. He said that he had measured the tail dimensions over a dozen times after his corrections and he was satisfied with it now. I have confidence that he will have my SV RTF in the best possible way. Obtw, the plane with the construction problem was not a 3DHS airframe.

Bottom line is you'll be happy with the Slicks as all rounders with the 59" Slick being more precise than the 51" Slick. If you want 3D and more precision, the Vypers are ready. If you want pattern precision, fly an Osiris.

Through I received communication from Ben Fisher wherein he explained why the 59" Slick snaps so well. It has to do with the wing design. After many flights on my 57" Extra 330SC and ten flights on my 59" Slick, the Extra wins in a photo finish. But that is my opinion and I don't have enough flights on the 59" Slick to give objective analysis and comparison to the 57" Extra 330SC.

It's grand that we have so many choices between so many outstanding airframes from 3DHS!

I trust that the general discussion above answers some of your concerns. If you go back a few pages on this thread, you will find more information. Also, you can go to the specific threads for the 59" Slick, 48" Super Vyper, 57" Extra 330SC and other
3DHS planes on RCG. But in reading all that material you'll need to separate the folklore from the facts and truth.

Happy landings!

"Excellence is the minimum. Perfection is the standard."
The 51" really excels at the violent tumbles, violent snaps, and fantastic low and slow stability! The 59 tracks much better, but you lose a bit of the other characteristics... Both awesome birds, but they are quite different.
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