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Originally Posted by micarus View Post
Thanks fernman,
I have never been able to get it to fly long enough to tune it and have been messing around with the values in the mixer ed' and now it is totaly crazy! I have had this board <the one fitted at present> checked out on another aircraft, where it was fine .???:
If someone gives me some editor values I will try them .

Cheers MIKE.
I've never used/messed with the mixer editor, But if you don't know exactly what your doing in there..i would select yes on the last option on the main menu!! or wait till someone post there settings, which still may not help your Problems.
Your "spider quad? got any pic's? reason i ask is i tried a simple search on Google of KK2.0 on spider quad. Seems alot of people call a normal quadcopter X a spider quad.
where as here is a real Spider quad! _id=29

So unless you have this or one similar where the arms are offset, the mixer editor may on compound your issues...
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