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I had my flap servo do the same thing after landing. It freaked out to the extreme extension and froze. There is no response in this servo now and I had to replace. Otherwise, I like these servos as I get a ful extension up and down for the flaps, but as you say it is not worth it. Plane flys great. I used small diameter carbon tubes with solid carbon rods inside for the rudder and elevator and these work very well. Flying today in 25 mph wind and got hairy at the landing. A gust throw the plane into a wooden fence post. Took a little chunk on the end of the wing, but any other plane I have would have broken it completely. This is one tough bird. I did put a layer of carbon fabric under the nose and up the side in the front. This really strengthens the fuse.

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That is exactly what my elevator servo did, Fortunatly it happened while I was trying to adjust the elevator neutral.This also has me freaked out as I assume all of the servos are the same. This makes me remember other earlier posts of people that have had unexplained crashes, like the person that thinks his Aurora 9 had a brown out, or the person that feels the stock control rod disengaged from his servo horn, and the very first person to post a flight report and an unexplained crash on the third flight. Although all of these problems could have happened, I feel that they may have all been caused by the elevator servo moving on it's own to the end of its travel while in flight. seriously, look at all of the crash reports, all the same problem with assumed different causes. and now two actual documented problems with elevator servos that if happened when in flight would have caused the same result. When I removed my stock elevator servo, I took it apart, and unlike what was posted earlier, They are not metal geared servos, And I have to say that these have to be the crappiest built servos I have ever disassembled. I replaced my elevator servo with a hitec HS-81 and it was a perfect fit. Now the question is do I leave in the rest of the crappy servos and risk a 5 plus pound airplane crashing into a crowd of kids, or somebodys car, or do I spend another hundred bucks to replace all of the servos??
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