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Originally Posted by Jackson Stone View Post

Yikes! You have the same challenge I do with your fleet.

I have to agree that overall the DLG is the most interesting. The challenge of flying a plane with no power that you hand-launch from the ground plus the Interaction with natural winds and thermals to gain altitude and stay aloft is the most fascinating of activities.

It's too bad that you do not have a nearby club. I now belong to two formal clubs, each with its own nice facility. One is near my office, the other near my home. I also have a group of friends that I fly with on a regular basis. Lastly, the local DLG community is well-organized and has regular events. It is the social interaction with others that keeps flying from getting stale or boring for me.

BTW, I am going to pick up my repaired Lightspeed III DLG and a new Lighthawk IV (both included in my previous count) the weekend after this one. I have to drive to New Mexico to meet with the builder, Aradhana Singh. Aradhana is a Sikh who applies the same devotion to designing and building planes that he does to his faith. Wonderful guy.

Seems to me, Nigel, that your biggest project for the winter months is to just get yourself organized. I am partway there. I have to say I really enjoy showing house guests my plane collection mounted in racks in the basement. It is truly impressive, kind of like going to a museum, except that all my planes are flyable, or at least intended to be flown.

All the best,

Good to hear your dlgs are on the way!
There are no clubs near enough for me here I'm afraid, and Mark has sold up now so I'm on my own again lol.
My dog loves the dlg though and he now comes and chases it round but does not (fingers crossed) try to catch it.
I was in a club back in Milton Keynes and it was a lot more interesting for sure, I will keep looking for some mates lol, in the meantime at least I have these forums to share the fun with!
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