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Hey Alan,
Your right, the WildWings have been gone for a while.
There airfoil was a semi-symmetrical with a slight reflex.
Lightly loaded, they fly great at parkflyer speeds and slow down real nice.
The nice thing about the WildWing is that they were usually on sale and were molded EPP, which has a skin molded onto it, so its a bit stronger and smoother than cut EPP.

The Boomers can be made out of most any Flying Wing core.
The semi-sym airfoil is good for medium, parkflyer speeds, in winds up to about 20mph, depending on the weight/wing loading.
For higher speed flying and or higher speed winds, the symmetrical airfoil is better and can do well flown slower, if built light.
I can send you a copy of the WW airfoil if you want.
As far a copyright laws, the WW came from China, where they steal any design they want and don't pay much attention any copy right laws.
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