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Originally Posted by Lapino View Post
Thank you shufflz
I've a separate switching BEC from hk. This should solve the heat issue but i hope it doesn't introduce much interference with the rc tx and video tx. My flyduino mega or at least one component near the cam servo supply is getting really hot after just a few seconds, even when powered from 5v (or 3.3v?) via that normal?

Thanks in advance
Switching BEC's supposedly cause some magnetic interference because of switching voltage on/off (simplified). Linear BEC/voltage regulator 'burns' extra voltage to heat, so no/less interference.

I've had just the same happening to me the other day! Major heat build up.
Seems to me GND from switching BEC isn't 'reachable' for GND from servo ports. Or maybe BEC blocks additional voltage running back on its GND, causing FC to cope with this? @Paul; can you please confirm??!!

Never had problems powering FC and servo's from BEC, but the other night I powered cam servo's via ESC and board via BEC. Now my board seems fried...

BTW: When I used 'simple' BEC from Flyduino I never had this issue. Only just mounted 'big' switching BEC.
My entire MEGA gets so hot I can easily burn myself. Even when just powered via FTDI!
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