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Originally Posted by Ridgehogs View Post
Hi Pilots!Gordon here from Ridgehogs VERY long story short, we wanted to make a shock resistant Sailplane which is designed for slope soaring, can catch thermals easy, can perform well, is suited for the beginner and advanced pilot - oh and is indestructible!! - too much to ask? Well we have got most of it so far, even the shock resistance. It is a mid range glider size wise 2.4 meter wing span and is designed to pretty much put the fun into flying! So easy to fly you actually feel like an experienced pilot.
I and a few others around the world fly what is called VTPR Aerobatics. Are you familiar? If not here are my websites that explain the style and the many videos and custom model builds for the style. The reason they are custom designed and built is because there are no real outlets or for that matter any really good 2.5m size VTPR models on the market. One usually has to scratch build them from older established designs such as the Sonic, Excalibur or Limande, all originated out of French garages.

Your design here is intriguing to me as I am now looking into doing 'E' VTPR aerobatics at the park. This will be another growth step experiment in VTPR (not to be confused with 3D) that we are looking into. The durability you share is a real plus for us as we often touch or slam into the ground (not on purpose, its part of the dangerous VTPR nature). The big question for me at the moment is to find an electric plane of 2.5m size thats lightweight, durable, has a great roll rate and can fly well inverted the same as upright. And be able to fly low to the ground aerobatic maneuvers with confidence, and precision if called upon. That is as far as a pilot has the skills to do so.

I would like to know the design specs if your willing to share. Dont worry, I am a designer myself and understand proprietary issues you may be concerend about. I will not release them. You can send offline if you wish at .

My final thought is to try your plane on the slope in VTPR mode and see just what it will or wont do with slope lift present. Such things as hovering snap rolls, inverted landings, tip and tail drags, low rolls, knife edges etc. Then onto a local park with no lift and see if we can find the throttle 'sweet spot' where the motor is sufficient to help the model carry through with minimal throttle input.

Thanks, Eric

PS: This video is representative of what Freestyle VTPR Aerobatics is all about. A 2.5m model performing in like manner in proper conditions would be a fabulous feat and a giant growth step forward!

Drawings in the sand (2 min 57 sec)
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