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Originally Posted by tom-tom 1 View Post
I lowered the min.throttle setting in the code from 1300 to 900 and the throttle-cut now works and the motors don't run on minimum throttle now. The throttle, pitch, roll and yaw in the right upper section of the GUI now work with my transmitter inputs. I'm thinking about rebinding my receiver to reset the failsafe and putting some props on this thing. It's too windy to fly today but I may be able to tell if the gyros are working.
Sounds good.
I would set the code back to 1300. The motors are supposed to run slowly at minimum throttle when the quad is armed. That lets you know that the motors are armed and also prevents them from stopping while in flight due to hard maneuvers. Disarming the quad will shut the motors off completely. If you want the motors to stop at min throttle without having to disarm, then you can uncomment (#define MOTOR_STOP) to make the motors stop at min throttle without disarming.

Don't forget to calibrate each TX channel so it reads about 1000 - 1500 - 2000 at the low-mid-high stick position. Use your TX endpoint adjustment to get in the 1000-2000 range and use subtrim to get near 1500.

After you calibrate your TX you have to calibrate your ESC's again so they respond to the new throttle calibrated range. You have to take them off the quad and connect them up to the receiver directly just like you did before, only now they are being calibrated to the TX range that you set in the MultiWii config program.

I recommend that you don't try to fly your quad right away. Take the props off, put strips of tape on the motor shafts so you can see them spinning, hold the quad from the top firmly in your hands, give the lowest amount of throttle needed to start the motors, then move the quad around. If your gyros are working you will see your motors starting and stopping as you move the quad around.
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