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I-400 Problems

Hey guys,

Working on my 1/144 I-400 for model rc combat and I've run into a few problems and was wondering if I could tap into some of your guys insight/expertise. First off let me say this is the most complicated build I've ever undertaken having only built 5 ships, 3 surface combat vessels and 2 1/72 hobby subs not used for rc combat my problems are as follows.

1. Armored sub driver: If you are not familiar with rc warship combat it's basically model warships with balsa wood sheets over fiberglass skeleton hulls driving around in a pond shooting each other with bb cannons it's wicked fun. I'm looking for a material to encase my sub driver in that's light yet bb proof the fps on the bb's is very low but i still don't want to chance a bb piercing my sub driver

2. Periscope system: what i'm looking for is a periscope system that can raise and lower either air or electric but size is the biggest concern saw a really neat one for a 1/72 gato but unfortunately i have about a quarter of the size to work with. If any of you know where i could find plans or even buy one though i'd rather scratch build please let me know.

3. Submerged Navigation: this one has always been a tricky devil even for my hobby subs I came up with a very primitive way to navigate underwater using a heading finder (or at least that's what I call it) that I salvaged off a friends sub using a laptop it gives me my direction in degrees I also have a calculation for speed which is 28sec/100 per MWC rules using a sensor for speed as well I can make very rough estimations of where I'll end up using a map of the pond which my friend scaled down for me. This system is very crude yet probably very close to what the real I-400 skippers used lol. I'm looking for a way to modernize it or make it more efficient. Gps is way too unreliable as the pond is very small and the margin of difference on the gps is very large at least to my needs anyway. I need a pinpoint accurate system to accurately map my location but i don't think one exists and if it does it's probably way out of my price range. I'm all ears to any suggestions or ways to improve my system.

3. Torpedoes: More of an afterthought but I was wondering of a way to make a multiple launch torpedo system that's small enough to fit in a 1/144 scale model 33 in in length with a beam of less than 3in. The torpedoes would have to be small as well I could make them bigger than scale within reason max of about 4.5 inch long with maybe less than an inch wide. I have a bb cannon for my 1-400 but it would be so much better to have torpedo's .

Sorry if my post was a book lol thanks for your guys time and consideration I would really appreciate any help or advice you guys could send my way. The I-400 is currently under construction with the hull finished and sub driver about 50% complete will post some pics when I make a little more headway


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