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Originally Posted by "TIMBITS" View Post
OK fellow "Canucks", Winnipeg and London, ON are Exceed "Rhino" represented; soon Nova Scotia will witness the mighty "SuperBug".
I broke down from the positive acclaims on this thread and ordered the ARF from Nitro this week - Thanks to all on this thread for great reviews of this jet - I'm bust'in with excitement to get it now !!!!
"Positive acclaims"?? You mean like this one:

Maybe you were like me and made the mistake of reading only the early part of the thread before making a buying decision....because in that early part of the thread there was a review by one of those people who apparently gets airplanes for free and then issues reports/reviews which seem to inevitably be of the, as you say, "positive acclaim" variety. I got suckered in by that misleading load of too. Truth is, this plane is one of those planes which should only be bought as airframe-only. The ARF version is a stinker. Weak power, "dollar-store-quality" retracts, junk hardware (horns, pushrods, etc.), inadequate wing spar support, and assorted other boo-boos/deficiencies to deal with. Once you gut the plane of the junk internals and rekit it and fix it up some, the plane is fine....but the money spent to get the ARF version versus the airframe-only version is wasted. JMO.
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