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Originally Posted by Renfield View Post
I'm re-reading the entire post and quite unable to support your notion that USA comments "tear apart and diminish" your work. You offered up a design that owes much to the Icon, which I do like. If I painted a woman who happened to bear a similar level of similarity to, say, Mona Lisa, it would be pretty silly of me to take offense to someone pointing this out. Perhaps the rest of the world is less familiar with the Icon? No matter. Press on and good luck. Microsoft made a mint copying Macintosh. Go for it!!!
No one is being singled out here as the anti-christ, it was a generalized observation. Sorry if you feel otherwise, not my intentions. I would however argue the aircraft could be stated as owing more design influence in body shape to a modern day streamlined Republic Seabee than the Icon with its hard and sharp cornered automotive inspired styling. Keep active on here, please,I value all opinions as it helps predict and understand the human element in the purchasing decision and what pushes peoples buttons. I as well like the Icon very much , just trying to give them a run for the money so to speak . My activity in the full scale world parallels what my late father and I did in our very serious ( very active competitively) pursuit of the model hobby, that is we built mostly scratchbuilt original designs of our own doing for better looks, uniqueness and performance advantage ( raced R/C Formula One Pylon ( 200+ mph) very succesfully in the seventies, eighties, and early nineties, as well as scale ducted fan models, no turbines when we were active), not to mention exploring new and unique design territory and characteristics. You might check out my personal website to get an idea of what i've been up to over the years. Thanks again for your input
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