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Originally Posted by mndlg View Post
An observation of mine -- (I fly DLG exclusively) -- I have yet to find a day where there is simply no lift. And I've flown every month of the calendar, in Minnesota.

Some days there are easy pickings, but there is always movement in the air, your job is to find it.
I prefer the easy picking days myself.

Originally Posted by aeajr View Post
Clouds are indicators, not guarantees. There may be thermals under those clouds but whether you can reach them or not is another matter.

Clouds also offer contrast and reference points that are missing in a clear sky. It is easier to judge if you are climbing or sinking with clouds in the sky. And planes are often more visible against the clouds then the blank blue sky.

I like some nice white fluffy clouds in the sky when I fly. If nothing else, they look nice.
I wasn't necessarily suggesting that we should get our models up under those cumulus clouds. That's for the big boys. I do, however, get the impression that cumulus clouds indicate the presence of lift on a particular day. Cloudless days are more likely to have uniform air temperatures throughout an area. Cumulus clouds indicate pockets of higher temperature and pockets lower temperature.
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