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Originally Posted by canardjeff View Post
The finished article will (and now has) have sponsons following the example of the Boeing 314, Dorniers, Flywhale , Seahawker, etc. And yes Icon has them and even tried to patent this 80+ year old concept( for you Icon fans out there). It will also house retractable landing gear, thus amphibious. Honestly this aircraft is being targeted at the same market as Icon and thus constrained by the mandates of that category. I can tell you vehemently , EVERY effort is being made wherever possible to make it as dissimilar as is safely and sensibly possible. I definitely try not to copy anyone else's handiwork. Many of those differences(some not yet revealed photos) are done with sound aerodynamic advantages in the choices made. Goal here is to be better than Icon if achievable. The Icon is a great looking craft and if some fans are troubled by this exercise, Im sorry. However I , for one, am driven by the premise that one should always strive to be better if not in aesthetics,than aerodynamics, hopefully both. The full scale icon has taken far too long and cost far too much to develop. I know, having designed and developed a far more sophisticated kit plane ( Orion Canard,4-6 place 400hp ,retractable carbon fiber canard aircraft). The tips are done this way to be , in my opinion , better looking and are positive enough ( angle of attack ) to plane and deflect the wing tip should it get low enough to contact the water, mind you it cant be very rough, but then it IS an LSA category aircraft and is not intended for rough weather and subsequently water conditions. I do appreciate the interest and comments and suggestions, which is why I have posted this. It truly does help me in the design process, identifying peoples concerns, opinions, likes, dislikes. and even , many times good or better ideas, none of us, me included , have all the answers. As such this platform brings forward this type of hopefully CONSTRUCTIVE dialogue. I am noticing ,however, from the replies that most all positive dialogue comes from non US citizens. This troubles me, has the US become overrun with folks who no longer create but instead tear apart and diminish all who do, I hope not or as a country we truly are in trouble. Better to use this energy and knowledge creatively I think. Nuff Said!!! Thanks to all who are out there showing concern, appreciation, and help. Keep the input coming.
I'm re-reading the entire post and quite unable to support your notion that USA comments "tear apart and diminish" your work. You offered up a design that owes much to the Icon, which I do like. If I painted a woman who happened to bear a similar level of similarity to, say, Mona Lisa, it would be pretty silly of me to take offense to someone pointing this out. Perhaps the rest of the world is less familiar with the Icon? No matter. Press on and good luck. Microsoft made a mint copying Macintosh. Go for it!!!
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