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Plow, if you still need the T_ _ _t parts PM me with your address.

Wayne, the Candy Corn foamie looks great......I bet it's a fun little flyer! I'd love to have a paved runway where I could fly jets like the one you're building......someday.

Kerwin, you're beating a dead horse......I don't give a tinker's dam about baseball. Oh, so when are you and the Mrs. coming up? You should think about coming up in the winter....that way we can fly off the snow and ice......when we're out ice fishing!

I just got back from wiring an electric dryer in this young man's biggy right? Well, this basement had so many spider webs hanging from the floor joists that when I was done my head looked like a big friggin' dirty Q-tip! When will these people realize that it's going to cost them extra to have to deal with that mess? I charged him $100 extra just because I had to go home and take a shower and change my clothes! (I gave him a range in pricing and warned him ahead of time that he needed to vacuum those webs.) BTW did you know that Johnson's baby shampoo reacts with spider webs and creates a slimey emulsion? (and yes, I use baby shampoo it gives me that look only a mother could love!)
snowman is online now Find More Posts by snowman
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